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Activity Groups

Cois Nore provide a range of survivorship programmes and activities to help rebuild confidence and promote wellbeing.  Groups provide a safe space for people to meet with other people who have experienced cancer in their lives and to participate together in an activity of mutual interest. Peer support is powerful and group activities are facilitated to support this.

Group Activity

Cois Nore Choir

The Cois Nore Choir open for anyone to join whether you have experienced cancer in your life or not. The choir has over 60 members and meets weekly on a Monday evening in St Kierans College, Kilkenny. The Choir is facilitated and led by Adrian and his family and welcomes all comers whether you think you can sing or not is not important. Come for the pure joy of singing together. All are welcome.

Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts classes are held weekly and provide a space for people who like creating and making things to come together and share their interests.


Mindfulness is a type of meditation. The focus is on being intensely aware of what you are sensing and feeling in that moment, whatever it may be. There is no interpretation or judgment. Practicing mindfulness involves controlled breathing and guided imagery that help to relax the body and mind and help reduce stress.


Yoga is a practice that connects the body, breath, and mind. It uses physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation to improve overall health. Yoga was developed as a spiritual practice thousands of years ago. Today, most we do it for exercise or to reduce stress

The Cois Nore Yoga Instructor will commence classes from November 2023