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For many businesses incorporating a charity partner as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) planning can provide benefits in employee engagement and retention as well as establishing your business in the community as an active supporter of the Cois Nore Cancer Support Centre.

Working Together

There are several ways that we can work together. 

  • Charity Partnership – Cois Nore will work in collaboration with your company/group/class to achieve positive outcomes for both parties. We will work with you and your employees/members  throughout the year on fundraising initaitives that build the capacity of all involved and allowing your people to see the lasting impact their fundraising has for Cois Nore clients. We will provide support, guidance, and promotion for any fundraisers you choose to undertake.


  • Employee Engagement Initiatives – We can work with you on one or more fundraising events that will engage your employees in a way that best suits your team building goals.  This could be participation by a staff team in our annual 5k run or the Kells Kings Cycle. Staff may have their own ideas for a fundraiser, and we are happy to work with them.


  • Event Sponsorship – The Cois Nore calendar of events is varied, anything from our 5k Run to an Annual Lunch. Becoming a named sponsor for the any of our events will help provide financial support for Cois Nore and increase the impact of our fundraising events. Our events are well supported by local media including KCLR, Kilkenny Community Radio, the Kilkenny People and Kilkenny Observer. 

  • Support a Service – Is there a service of ours that you feel particularly aligns with your company’s values? You can make a company donation specifically for that service. Your employees can help to choose which service to donate to and we can report back on the impact of the funding on our service users.

  • Individual Donations – Payroll giving is an easy and efficient way for employees to make a charitable donation to support our work directly from their monthly salary. 


Further Information

Please contact Cois Nore at [email protected] if your company/group would like more information about becoming a charity partner or you would like to discuss a meeting with your CSR Committee to discuss our services.