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Talk Therapies

A cancer diagnosis can be devastating and through treatment and beyond their is fear and anxiety for the person with the cancer and their families. We want to listen and support you through this time. This is a time when talking helps and we have a highly trained team of volunteers, counsellors and therapists who can help to ease the burden of fear and worry.

For people whose cancer treatment is behind them and who are looking to get their life back on track and move beyond their fear Lifecoaching can help to fulfil this need. Our qualified Lifecoach will help you set the goals you want to reach and to put in place the steps required to get there.

Whether you want to drop in and chat to one of our trained volunteers or avail of the Counselling or Lifecoaching support we will work with you to identify the right talk therapy for you.


Counselling session



 Our accredited psychotherapists provide a safe environment where clients can be assured they will be heard in a confidential, respectful and emphatic way. Counselling take place by appointment


Do you feel stuck in a rut? Are you ready to move
forward? Life coaching assists you in moving forward in
a positive and practical way to create the intentional
life you want for yourself.
Who are you after your diagnosis? What’s important to
you in this next phase of your life? How do you live a
fulfilled life instead of merely existing?
These are all questions you can bring to your life
coaching session at Cois Nore. Sometimes we just need
a partner to help us find the next steps of our journey. Our professional Lifecoach can work with you to identify and achieve your goals,