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Cois Nore stock a range of ICS information booklets on different cancer types and treatments.

Nutritional advice

Clodagh Scannell is a CORU Registered Dietician and Researcher in the area of Cancer and Nutrition. She is co-author of “The Truth Behind Food & Cancer”. Clodagh has recorded a series of 6 information videos for Cois Nore Cancer Support Centre. The topics covered in each video are:

Introduction to eating well with cancer

Coping with eating difficulties

Eating well after cancer

Eating well with swallowing difficulties

Food safety during cancer treatment

Food myths and fad diets

ICS booklets and factsheets

Cancer Types Booklets And Factsheet Resources

If you know the type of cancer you want to find out about, this is the right section for you. Each section has information on symptoms, diagnosis and treatment and living with cancer.

Cancer Treatment and Side Effects

These booklets and factsheets are written for cancer patients and their loved ones. They include information on cancer treatments, side-effects and how to cope

Cancer Prevention and Awareness

Stopping cancer before it starts is a key goal of the Irish Cancer Society. We know 4 out of every 10 cancers can be prevented by living a healthy lifestyle.

MacMillan Cancer Support Resources