Cois Nore Story

In 2013, Martin Brett’s wife was diagnosed with cancer.  She travelled from Kilkenny to the Solas Cancer Support Centre in Waterford as there was no such support available in Kilkenny at the time.  Another lady travelling with her asked why there was no such support available in Kilkenny.  Martin’s wife spoke to him about setting up a cancer support centre when she was well again.  The Cois Nore Charity Shop was established.

Other people came on board with the idea for a support centre, namely Regina O’Leary, Liz Ruth and Liam Cody (Modern Printers) who provided the Walkin Street premises rent free.  Tony O’Driscoll and Brian Dunlop did the refit of the building with huge support across businesses and communities from Kilkenny.

Gina Organised a fundraising concert in St. Canice’s Cathedral followed by a fundraiser in MacDonagh Junction Shopping Centre, where an interview with Edwina Grace brought further awareness and community support for Cois Nore.

This is where Cois Nore began and has since welcomed over 945 people through its doors.  We are continuing to grow and expand with our service users daily and the need for our service is evidently clear.

Annual running costs are approximately €200,000 and is mainly funded by generous donations from the public and fundraising events.  Annual support funding is generously provided by Kilkenny County Council, Irish Cancer Society and National Lottery Funding

We do not receive any funding from the Department of Health or the HSE.