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Who We Are

Cois Nore is a Cancer Support Centre based at No. 8 Walkin Street, Kilkenny.

We offer a range of therapies including Counselling, Reflexology and Massage, on a one to one basis.

Group Therapies of Yoga, Fatigue Management, Expressive Arts Therapy, Living with Cancer, Strides for Life, Lymphoedema and Mindfulness, along with additional groups/workshops and information sessions are held throughout the year. Information sessions cover topics such as Communicating with Children about Cancer, Mindful eating and Coping with Anxiety. These groups and information sessions are held on an ongoing basis so please check our Facebook page regularly for updates.

We all need help - those who have had a Cancer diagnosis need emotional, psychological support and understanding. Healing can take place on many levels, we can aid a persons healing through therapeutic interventions. We provide talk and touch therapies free of charge in order to assist the healing process. Our whole ethos is about the person and their loved ones. Our relationships are built on collaboration respect and care.

The team at Cois Nore is made up of a Therapeutic Services Manager - Mags Bowen, Development/Fundraising Sharon O' Gorman, Karen Holohan and a team of volunteers, assessors and professional Therapists and Counsellors.

We could not provide our services without our Volunteers who provide invaluable help and support.
Cois Nore Cancer Support Centre are entirely reliant on Fundraising to maintain our services. We receive no Government funding.
If you have fundraising ideas or would like to become involved please contact us. We would love to hear from you.

How We Help

A trained assessor will conduct a brief assessment with you.

Following your assessment we will provide you with six one to one sessions of talk or touch therapies with one of our professional counsellors or therapists. All situations are treated on a case by case basis.

This assessor will be your link person for your time with Cois Nore and will inform you about all events and information talks that are held by Cois Nore.

We offer an unlimited amount of group supports and information talks to all of our clients. These groups include Yoga, Lymphoedema Self Management and information talks on Managing Anxiety, Talking to Children about Cancer, Breast Prosthesis information.

We would be delighted to hear from you with any suggestions that you may have on talks that we can provide.

Our Counsellors are Ronnie Balfe and Gillian Fitzpatrick.

Our Therapists are Sarah Daly - Reflexology, Boaz Zur - Expressive Arts Therapy, Imelda Treacy & Gabrielle Karwisch - Reflexology, Richard Maher - Massage and Strides for Life, Joanne Brennan - Physiotherapist and Aine Finnerty - Yoga.


counselling therapy Counselling can help you sort out many different types of problems that you may face when you have cancer.
You may feel fear, have strong reactions to changes to your body, or be anxious about treatment. Some people feel very angry, or find it difficult to cope with a feeling of loss of control.
Cancer can also affect your family relationships. It may affect how to talk to your children or your intimacy with your partner. It may also lead to role changes within the family, if you are no longer able to fulfil the role you used to, even temporarily.


massage therapy Massage is considered a type of complementary therapy. Complementary therapies aim to treat the whole person, not just the symptoms of disease. They are used together with conventional or mainstream medicine.
While massage doesn’t treat the cancer itself, it may help reduce the side effects caused by conventional treatments and improve quality of life and wellbeing.


reflexology therapy Reflexology means applying pressure and massage to areas on your feet and hands. The feet are the most common area to treat.
According to reflexologists, you have reflex areas in your feet that match every part of your body. Therapists claim that there is a map of the left side of your body on your left foot, and the right side of your body on your right foot. Reflexology has been used for centuries. It is thought to have been developed originally by the ancient Egyptians. It is one of the most popular types of complementary therapy in Ireland and the UK among people with cancer.

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